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OAGM was appointed with the redesign of Elkline’s brand and logo. The concept creation and implementation were driven by the goal to reflect Elkline’s core values and the craftsmanship of their high-quality outdoor apparel.
a step forward,
a leap ahead

starting position

After 20 years and countless moments with the elk on their breast, Elkline needed a new face to show who they are today and what they value most: Honest Made Apparel. The focus on those two aspects shaped our redesign strategy and execution for both Elkline’s brand and logo. At the core: their products. At the heart: the same youthful rebels who continuously try to break free from the status quo. Elkline is no longer confined by boxes such as outdoor-lifestyle or functional clothing. The new brand communicates clearly that they skip the fancy buzzwords and instead live true to their values to make honest apparel for real moments.

strategy and implementation

OAGM developed a full rebranding and logo strategy for Elkline and realized it in two phases: First, for B2B clients and partners and then for B2C customers. The new visual identity was implemented at all touchpoints with both clients and customers: the shops (furniture, photographs, murals, hangtags and labels), written communication (website, brand booklet) and the logo. The goal was to move away from the domineering cartoon elk and create a mature brand identity. Straight lines and strong colors in the new logo, capital letters and bold print of the word mark ELKLINE – both word and design mark are visual expressions of what the brand embodies today: value-based growth and clear visions for the future.

the result

In the initial phase of the rebrand, Julius Geis, founder of OAGM, was appointed Elkline’s Interim Chief Branding Officer. This collaboration wove the Elkline and OAGM teams closely together and resulted in the consistent, quick and high-quality execution of the rebrand across the board. The new Elkline is more than a logo on a product. They live and share creative energy – to create apparel for people who share Elkline’s passion for nature and traveling and who are curious to explore new routes.
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collection campaigns

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tradeshow designs

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"elkline has grown up"

-Stephan Knüppel, founder of Elkline, as he outlines
the rebrand in a recent interview
ELKLINE, Outdoor Fashion Apparel Brand, Advertisement Design and Layout
ELKLINE, Outdoor Fashion Apparel Brand, Branding Manual Design Layout
ELKLINE, Outdoor Fashion Apparel Brand, Tagline