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from inside out




OAGM set out to reposition the clothing brand elkline based on a fundamental insight: Positioning a brand means being loyal to your core beliefs and making it shine through strong branding concepts.


starting position

The heyday of the Outdoor Industry seems to be a thing of the past. An industry that consistently registered double-digit growth in the years around the new millenium suddenly went into a downward spiral. Elkline, a Hamburg-based cult brand wasn’t spared. Driven by an overall sense of dissatisfaction and a desire for change, elkline approached OAGM to reposition its brand. Our goal was to reset the positioning from the core on out to make the brand resistant equipped to meet challenges from the inside and the outside.



OAGM launched its distinctive internal strategy phase called ‘A Moment of Truth.’ We conducted strategy- and creative workshops as well as internal-interviews that would form the basis of elkline’s brand identity. Follow your core beliefs: For elkline that meant honoring and reinterpreting its roots with a renewed focus on the founders’ personalities. Our Brand Positioning: Outdoor-Lifestyle not only reinvigorated Elkline’s internal resources, but also its perception on the market. OAGM supported the implementation process as a coach for product development, as management consultant and expert in branding, marketing and e-commerce operations.



Today, elkline is a stronger brand in the Outdoor Industry. The company is loyal to its new identity profile, both internally and externally. Elkline turned itself around successfully, showing increased revenue, as well as higher brand recognition and brand desirability.

In 2018, OAGM was asked to conceptualize and design Elkline’s rebrand - see the case study here