finkid + finside




While Corporate Design creates a unified visual interface for a brand, tone of voice identity (Corporate Language) puts another unique stamp on an integrated brand identity.  When Berlin-based Outdoor-Lifestyle brands finkid and finside hired ON ANY GIVEN MONDAY* (OAGM) to build an integrated market-postioning plan, OAGM also created a unique tone of voice strategy for them. We wanted to bring both brands together progressively and improve their brand communication. Their identity-based tone of voice gave finkid & finside additional tools to succeed through innovation.


our starting position 

In November 2015, finkid and finside, two formerly independent brands that operated with different teams and separate marketing and communication strategies, merged as a new umbrella brand, a process that was also coordinated by OAGM.


strategy and implementation 

Strategically building up brand identity, OAGM created a unique tone of voice within an integrated market positioning plan for the client. According to the brand model developed by OAGM, language is a core segment of identity-based market positioning, lending the brand its unique personality and acting as brand ambassador at every communication point between customer and client, from placing an order to advertising campaigns and customer complaints.
Our strategic challenge with finkid & finside was not only to analyze the nature of their verbal communication, but first and foremost to find ways to inject brand personality into language positioning .


the result: what we accomplished  

Language initially proved useful in bringing internal structures and departments closer together. Day-to-day operations benefited by finding solutions to language-related issues, such as attitude and tonality more quickly. Disagreements about matters of taste have given way to focus on content.  Primarily, the newly developed tone of voice identity boosted the business- and the product brand by ensuring that all future communication serves one goal: Strengthen the brand!