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OAGM was approached to develop the brand positioning for the new trademark and private label brand by Globetrotter.

The trademark is passing through an exciting first years. Between 2013 and today, Globetrotter not only experienced changes regarding the owners´ structure, but also the corporate brand has been repositioned. OAGM has also been in charge for the latter.

Since the beginning of March, FRILUFTS is available at all Globetrotter stationary stores and at the online store. Globetrotter´s customers are looking at a great product and Julius Geis, Founder & CEO is looking back for us on a great collaboration.

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starting position

Globetrotter – based in Hamburg – is one of the leading Outdoor sports retailers in Europe. Being part of the so-called “euro-family” – an alliance of interest of European outdoor retailers – Globetrotter sold successfully the trademarks Meru and Kaikkiala over the past few years.

Meru established itself with an excellent price-performance ratio as a newcomer brand for the customers – outdoor for everyday life. Kaikkialla, in contrast, meets the requirements of the demanding performance outdoorer, who is also looking for a good price-performance ratio.

Globetrotter breaks new ground with Frilufts. During the last two years OAGM accompanied the company on that new path. Frilufts is not only a trademark, Frilufts is brand and ambassador of Globetrotter´s new corporate language.



Frilufts has been developed in close collaboration with the customer Globetrotter. Globetrotter had a clear vision of where the company wanted to be with the new trademark. OAGM was mostly in charge of guiding through the new process and holding it together.


status quo

During several workshops, the status quo (product, market, target group) has been analyzed and translated into economic objectives. Nevertheless, both parties were convinced that a trademark with strong, emotional values – especially for a younger target group – would have even greater chances of success.

In consideration of a holistic brand model meaning, values and vision of the new trademark were defined and fit into Globetrotter´s brand architecture.




The brand positioning and brand strategy were developed step by step, together with the customer and handed over to the design agency (Donkey Communications).




Julius Geis arranged a three-way conversation with Gyde Hansen, Product Manager of Frilufts, and Finn Bohn, Brand Manager of Frilufts, during the launch. A fitting conclusion after an intensive time of collaboration

Julius: FRILUFTS is here! Could you briefly describe the process during the last two years?

Gyde: Before we started working with you on the brand positioning, we discussed in principle, how we wanted to go on with the existing trademarks of the “euro-family”, Meru and Kaikkialla. It was quickly realized that we needed a new, stand-alone trademark. It´s called FRILUFTS and we are absolutely happy with it!

Julius: How difficult has it been to translate two different brands with its differing product lines and characteristics into one new trademark?

Gyde: We assume that the customers of Globetrotter have in general a high demand for quality – indifferent if it´s about customer service, professional advice by our sellers or our product´s quality. The better we understood the attitude of our customers during the brand process, the easier it became for us to hit the right note during the development of our collection. We achieved to combine the variety of outdoor activities – trekking, traveling, everywear and kids – in one single brand: FRILUFTS.

Julius: Finn, you are the new brand manager for FRILUFTS. How did you feel about this fusion, especially regarding the brand identity?

Finn: It was quite complex. Especially in terms of price setting. For the launch FRILUFTS covers more price points than each of the single brands could have afforded in the past. To present this quite broad selection – both in terms of price points and structure – under one brand, it was firstly necessary to figure out the connecting values and visions. This “meta-level” - based on values – enables a logical connection between all elements and a long-lasting alignment of the brand. The next step is the fine-tuning of the brand – regarding the positioning and the product ranges.

Julius: Could you please describe briefly, what do you exactly mean with "meta-level“?

Finn: Even though it's a trademark, we wanted to firstly bring the discussion on a level of values, which goes further than a rational categorization. At this point, we also intensified our collaboration with you. Our target was that FRILUFTS was perceived by our customers not as a trademark, but as a complete brand, which is exclusively available at our stores. We wanted it to be a product, which is not only functional and available at a fair price, but also stimulates to experience something.

Julius: Didn't you create a new competitive situation with this attitude?

Gyde: We don't think so and that's also a strength of FRILUFTS as a trademark: All products are available at a fair price-performance ratio as measured by comparable products of popular manufacturer brands. We keep this promise also with FRILUFTS.

Finn: Receiving the first feedback, we realize how a different image can influence the perception and sales of a brand – despite the existence of other products. The difference lies – as often – indeed in the detail. Considering FRILUFTS, it is i.e. the Trimmings and Hangtags as well as the stories we are telling via our visual world and that distinguishes our products clearly from the standard trademarks.

Julius: Currently, there is still a huge gap between the image of FRILUFTS and Globetrotter. How long will this work?

Gyde: Correct, but fortunately we don´t need to wait much longer. FRILUFTS is the indicator of the brand changing, which Globetrotter currently experiences. We are really looking forward to it.

Finn: That's the only way how it can work in the long-term. Trademarks present always a translation of the actual corporate brand. In our case, FRILUFTS was simply a few steps ahead.

Julius: Finally, a look into the future – is FRILUFTS going to remain a trademark, or what are you planning to do?

Gyde: Last year Globetrotter became part of the Frilufts Retail Europe AB – to which also Naturkompaniet from Sweden and Partioaitta from Finland belong. Within this association, a small selection of FRILUFTS products exists, at our Finnish partner Partioaitta.

Finn: If you are alluding to our plan to sell FRILUFTS also at the classic retail sector – we don't plan to sell it outside of our group.

Gyde: FRILUFTS is and remains a product from and for Globetrotter, the Frilufts Retail Europe AB.

Julius: Many thanks for the conversation.