Our audits serve as great avenues in providing helpful knowledge about your brand/organization, and share expert views with your team for improvement. 

The preferred tools to avoid internal competition such as competing agencies or hierarchical conflicts are external audits. External audits can also be used to challenge your status quo by sorting out your e-commerce business models or brand reputation in social media. When decisions by management need to be revised, our audit is a great tool to use. These external audits don't provoke related conflicts, nor are they influenced by them. For OAGM, an audit is always collaborative and never competitive.



We came up with an awesome metaphor for our perspective of a rocking audit earlier. Remember the trip to Munich, Octoberfest and a mass of beer (read more)? We're not going there anymore. Instead, we are walking an extra mile for you and your company. An audit is a sensitive interaction with your team, your suppliers and yourself – we get this, and we understand –it's difficult to let a stranger into your home. But if you decide to give us a chance, we promise that you'll love working with us.

The values and decision-making skills an audit adds to your company are unbelievable. When you give us your trust, we give it right back to you. We work collaboratively with your team, and never against it. That's how we believe a rocking audit is done.


let's check out THE OAGM corner store FOR AN inspiring audit, Shall we? 


Audit: Brand Experience E-Commerce

Our Brand Experience E-commerce audit analyzes online stores from the point of VIEW TO THE POINT OF SALE. 

Both brands and specialty retailers have to decide to what degree their website is a "shop" or a "brand." Traditional brands and specialty retailers struggle to find the right balance. OAGM believes that the right mix of both elements can generate long-term commercial success. Better yet, we're convinced that a strong brand and brand experience are also proven keys to success in e-commerce.


Audit: Follow up


Only a strong brand has the power to attract loyal customers whether you're a brand manufacturer or a specialty retailer. OAGM reviews customer communication on social media platforms, newsletters and direct mailings, including special shopping events and trade fairs. We document all your communication channels and examine them for brand conformity. Some of the areas we evaluate are product selection, brand design, brand tonality and language, brand experience, and customer relationship. This process allows us to detect inconsistencies which subsequently can be corrected and improved upon.


Audit: Brand Experience Performance Marketing


We're experts in identity-based strategies. At OAGM, we believe in an integral approach to staging a brand. Many omni-channel brands face vital conflicts of interest: Build your brand or ROI? Rigorous brand language or marketing hype? You don’t have to choose between one or the other. We believe in both. Our Brand Experience Performance Marketing audit surveys the visibility and rigor of your brand under the aspect of Performance Marketing.  


IN the end, it's about you and your business success. It's all about customization. 


Freedom of choice = Your EXTRAORDINARY

We have two primary locations our team is working from. CET (Central European Time) and HST (Hawaiian Standard Time). A Dedicated Service Client Director is available in each time zone via phone and email to answer all questions and to manage our client's projects. 


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