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who we are

OAGM is one of the first remote strategic consulting firms and we are located around the globe: Hawai’i, Belize, the United States, Portugal, and Australia. If you picture us surfing before breakfast and meditating our way through a hot afternoon with bouts of productivity in between – you are pretty spot on!

remote with drive + heart
Let’s be honest – remote work has its challenges: Many lonely cups of coffee and the constant chase of new projects. And when push comes to shove, it’s not the surfboard under our arm that sets us apart, but our focus, drive, and commitment.

At OAGM, our decision against the comfort of the 9 to 5 box is deliberate – we use the creative potential of remote work to build our lives and careers on purpose and passion, and not a soul-crushing paycheck.

our values
We believe that our digital time requires a constant transformation of how we work and who we work with. So for us, diversity, equality, and respect aren’t worn-out buzzwords – they are the reason why we pop virtual champagne bottles when we successfully deliver unique strategies for our clients.

And on top of claps and kudos, we honor and reward everyone’s work fairly with an hourly rate above international standard.
Julius Geis | Founder & CEO

Julius Geis

Founder & CEO

Carmen Dehmel Neves | Senior Marketing Manager

Carmen Dehmel Neves

Senior Marketing Manager

Ethan Caliva | Art Director, Designer

Ethan Caliva

Art Director  |  Brand Design & Strategy

Jazmyne Geis | Sustainable Design Consultant

Jazmyne Geis

Sustainable Design Consultant


work with us

At OAGM, your genius ideas won’t be muffled under layers of management – the floor is yours to participate and inspire.

If you want to expand the box you live in, and you see the creative potential that’s innate to change, then we would love to hear from you.

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Send your application to: support@onanygivenmonday.com



what we do

Identity Based Thinking
Guided from within – instead of controlled from the outside. Over the years, we have made investigations and got some pretty deep insights. Even though our clients were happy with the work we did for them, it felt as if we failed. Every time we recapped our work, we figured we were missing one important indicator of success: the people and our client's culture.

Our founder, Julius Geis, locked himself in a room – with a view – to meditate on it. When he came out, he proposed a unique philosophy which we're calling today: Identity Based Thinking.

Contrary to the mainstream, we don’t start building a strategy – such as a brand positioning – by leaning on external factors. Don’t let the competition dictate what you need to do, neither the market place nor growth figures. Actually, let's forget those factors entirely for now. Sustainable strategic thinking starts at the core of a company – its identity – not on the outside world.

Instead of letting the market place define you, we focus on who you want to be. What makes your company unique? What drives you as a leader? What lights your fire? What are your biggest goals? And last, but not least, how do you plan to live your life, day by day?

We'll guide you through that process, that's what we love to do. As soon as you have answered those questions for yourself and you feel connected to your answers, things get effortless. Because now, you command a strong, authentic and autonomous identity. Every action you take will be more independent, sustainable and attractive than any standard model made-to-fit for you by an outsider. You will love it!


our mission

we make change attractive

ON ANY GIVEN MONDAY is a multifaceted brand that navigates business needs into transformative growth over all industries. We identify, simplify and guide – to unique identities in their most powerful ways.

Our passion is to inspire, change cultural habits and expand theboxes we live in.

Through strategic consulting and creative brand design, we approach your vision creatively and position your brand for a successful future.
concepts of change

Our digital times are dominated by constant transformations. This impacts our daily lives significantly. Everyone experiences change differently, yet it is safe to say that it poses a challenge to our routines, practices and cultures of knowledge.

Lessons learned today might be outdated tomorrow – how to keep track with a fast-paced, overwhelming information culture? Uncertainty and frustration are common results, causing internal processes to grind to a halt.
where oagm starts

According to our mission, WE MAKE CHANGE ATTRACTIVE, we go beyond the notion that change is an obstacle that needs to be managed. Instead, we promote concepts that emphasize the creative potential of change and offer strategies to utilize this potential

We promote concepts that emphasize the creative potential of change.
— Julius Geis, Founder and CEO

the years

From small, up-and-coming brands to well-established players in the outdoor and retail industry: Over the years, we have worked with many different people and teams around the globe. What unites them all is their boldness to embrace the opportunities that are innate to change.

With our identity-based thinking concept, we create brands that stand out and represent who our clients are and, more importantly, who they want to be moving forward - so that they impact their industries long after we have finished our work.


– ON ANY GIVEN MONDAY was founded as a digital brand agency

– partnered with 1% for the Planet

– Bogner signed as a client and OAGM became the international lead agency for brand awareness, social media

– consulted the Munich 2018 Olympic Games Bit committee

– helped clients such as Sony Music, Bogner, Gore-Tex® and KIA Europe to grow their digital brand awareness



 – OAGM partnered with the Hawaiian NGO Aloha in Action



– New brand positioning for the outdoor label, elkline. Our interim manager supported the implementation phase and took over the position: Brand Director, CMO




– FRILUFTS brand foundation, the brand strategy, was created by OAGM. The brand is the first independent private label from the FRILUFTS Europe AB, such as Globetrotter, Naturkompaniet, etc.

– finkid took OAGM on board to develop their new marketing and e-commerce strategy for the future. Our interim manager supported the implementation phase and took over the position: Brand & Marketing Director, CMO



– Rebranding and a powerful brand positioning of "Rebel yell" – the new brand of suchdialog. 



– Brand positioning and strategy for Globetrotter, one of Europe's biggest outdoor retailer. Our interim manager force supported the implementation phase and took over the position: Brand Manager

- Brand strategy finkid & finside. Functional design for women. 

SITE-TIMELINE-equity one.jpg


– Change Management, E-Commerce & Marketing, Terra Canis. Our interim manager supported the implementation phase and took over the position: Head of B2C, Head of E-Commerce, Marketing Manager.

– Rebranding and digital transformation, Equity One Real Estate. 

–  JULIUS GEIS - BRAND AESTHETE and ON ANY GIVEN MONDAY (OAGM) have merged their businesses...worldwide



- Growth of OAGM's remote team (locations: USA, Hawaii, Europe, Australia, Central America)

- Rebranding and redesign for the outdoor apparel label, elkline. Our interim manager supported the implementation phase and took over the position: Chief Branding Officer (CBO). 

– CoWorking Offices Rua 37 was founded. Maui, Hawaii

- Expert Consulting service TUESDAYSubmarine is developed and launched