Holistic Lifestyle Instead of Boring Beauty Ideal

It comes as no surprise that gym memberships sky-rocket at the beginning of every year. New customers flood in because, for many, January 1 equals “tabula rasa:” whatever sports goal wasn’t accomplished last year will now be tackled without delay but with a lot more success.
Glancing at the calendar, we now have March. Is your gym’s capacity maxed out at the moment? How are the sales of your supplements, sports equipment, and clothing going? I would guess that the initial run at the start of the year has slowed down by now. Fashionable activewear, a free training session and a few energy bars alone aren’t enough to keep the customer’s motivation and spending power up in the long run. The simple reason: the definition of “fitness” has changed and taken on another dimension – it has become a lifestyle. Customers are looking for holistic health and wellbeing programs which suit their personal lifestyles. And with that, the focus on body and soul has become equally important, illustrated by the growing number of yoga and meditation enthusiasts.

Looking at the fitness sector and sports retailers, I find that they rarely embrace this holistic understanding of wellbeing. Posters still overwhelmingly advertise a beauty ideal that many sportspeople a miles away from – and possibly don’t even aspire to achieve in the first place. So to do justice to the customers’ individual health demands, a different message is needed: holistic lifestyle instead of boring beauty ideal.
One provider who has recognized this demand and sets a shining example with holistic concepts in the areas of meditation and yoga is Chill Chicago. Classic yoga classes, company courses, long wellness weekends and retreats, nutritional education and meditation classes designed specifically for cancer patients – they cater for customers whose individual health conditions and lives couldn’t be more diverse. Chill Chicago has made it their mission to put the customers’ needs at the center of their services – and this is how you create and offer holistic solutions that keep customers coming back for more.

This article first appeared on SAZsport.