Julius Geis - Brand Aesthete and On Any Given Monday (OAGM) Have Merged Their Businesses

Aloha Everyone,

I am happy to announce that starting today, the two great companies JULIUS GEIS - BRAND AESTHETE and ON ANY GIVEN MONDAY (OAGM) have merged their businesses. We will continue using the name ON ANY GIVEN MONDAY.

Personally, OAGM is very special to me. OAGM was an agency label I found in 2010 and sold my shares late 2011. Long story short, OAGM is a proud brand with a great history and the perfect match to combine all business activities I built over the past year into one brand.

we are remote

Being a remote company makes us worldwide automatically. That doesn't just sound good – it is good for everyone. We have two primary locations our team is working from- CET (Central European Time) and HST (Hawaiian Standard Time). One dedicated Service Client Director is available in each time zones via phone and email to answer all questions and to manage our client's projects. 

Write me an email to jgeis@onanygivenmonday.com for more information.

Thank you!