Let's Eat Spicy!

Whenever we have conversations about the generation dubbed “Millennials”, I hear prejudices of "Baby Boomer“ and "Generation X“ towards that younger generation, nothing more. Voracious consumers of media outlets, detached from reality, aloof and irresponsible – these are just a few of those notions among many negative ideas about them. The fact is, Millennials are different.  

A recent study has shown that 86 % of Millennials travel because they want to learn about, and engage with, other cultures. 98 % say that it is important to them to try out the local cuisine. 76 % of Millennials book their next travel destination based on recommendations by friends. So, far from nonstop partying and junk food, they are genuinely interested to expand their horizon.  

The claim that the younger generation is addicted to social media is as false as the notion that they have to stage and document their lives incessantly. Over half of the millennials who took part in the study stated that they updated their social media account once or twice per week while travelling, 10% of them not at all. On the contrary, a study by Nielsen shows that the now middle-age generation of 35 to 49-year olds update their profiles during travels more often than their younger siblings.  

Be that as it may, one thing stands out: Millennials influence the outdoor sector significantly. They expect a wholesome experience. To take this one step further: it is the outdoor sector that will epitomize digital concepts in the real world – this generation lived by digital concepts of connectedness in social media, and they will live by them on their future travels. „Outdoor activities“ and travel thus become a hub of cultural exchange and being connected in the real world.