Quality - That's The Problem

It won´t stop. Retailers lament certain developments in their sectors, prompted by declining sales and the resulting worries about the future. Their livelihood is at stake. Maybe it is true and the traditional local retail becomes obsolete in times of a digitalized shopping culture? Of course not! That being said, local retailers need to wake up and realize that the problem lies elsewhere and that it is one of quality. 

This cannot go on much longer. Let us dismantle the holy cow that is the belief of declining sales being the result of online shops. That is nonsense. Frankly, it is the lack of added value and motivated sales people who provide ill-informed or downright bad advice that cause all the trouble. As a result, the online competition gets all the sales. This is perfectly understandable. Local retail is often not flexible enough to meet all the customers´ needs. Oftentimes, they seem to be too unmotivated to live up to their own service standards and have no ideas how to adapt to ever-changing, modern demands. As a result, local retailers are unable to compete.  

I can almost hear your protests – “But we do all of this!” Nonetheless you know that the reality attests to the opposite and customers walk away without making a purchase.   

There are many concepts and strategies to bring the values and an individual retailer brand experience to the stores. Yet the people in charge should never forget that what decides about a purchase boils down to one factor only: the retail staff. Dear decision-makers, please don´t stop investing in your people, just like you shouldn´t stop investing in your brand. This is the only way to turn this around!