What Does Future Mean To You?

According to an OECD study, the world economy will quadruple by 2050. The reason for this advance can be found at the intersection of science and technology – it’s like a magic pill that creates new growth opportunities for people around the world. And that is fundamentally a good thing – every one of us has the right to develop personally and shape the world and its future to our liking. 

Based on my observations, however, more and more people seem to see the future as a fixed point in time. Only a few understand it as a process that they can actively form. The latter is an important point to realize though – the potential to influence “tomorrow.” Let’s stop waiting for others to do it for us. Being active means, for example, that we develop innovations which address our world’s needs holistically.

One concept that’s based on this philosophy is the 4P principle of sustainability: Planet, People, Purpose, and Profit. Most importantly, it’s about putting economic success and a holistic understanding of prosperity (health, growth, and innovation) on equal footing. This interplay builds the foundation for future innovations and new business ideas. Our daily decisions, especially our consumer behavior, correlate directly with those innovations that will be successful and thus influence our tomorrow. 

What I would like to see from the sports industry and visitors of this year’s ISPO is that we do this responsibility justice. I’d like to encourage you to take a critical look at your consumer behavior and support holistic innovations. Instead of pointing fingers later and ask how we ended up “here,” let us be deliberate in our decisions. This is how we create a future that is worth living in.