What Makes You "Special"?

Are you a specialist for diving and you offer your customers the diving holidays? Or are you in retail and understand your expertise to be in a special kind of team sport, in providing exclusive offers for locals teams and in customizing of their gear etc.?  

Service providers and retailers that cater to niches are the forerunners right now. Their services and offers are different, they are „special“. Either they distinguish themselves by their products or structurally by their location. Simple. Yet, what if you are a full-range retailer and you would like to stand out? What sets you apart from your competitors?   

Let´s take a closer look at the concept “niche.“ Apart from specific products or locations, businesses serving a niche have an additional advantage: their customer relations are exceptionally good. Customers are part of their family, bound by a common passion for diving, for instance. In their shops people get together, drink coffee, chat about the latest trends or talk about their most recent diving trips. Customers like to spend time in those shops.   

It is exactly this connection that is lacking in a full-range store. I would like to invite you to take your cues from the niche-retailers and take a look around. Are there any local retailers that you could learn from? Visit their shops and pay attention to how you are greeted. Do they strike up a conversation, are you invited for a coffee? How are the products presented to you? Be benevolent, not everything will be perfect, but be inspired how to create an atmosphere that invites your customers to be part of your family.