We Left the Shore - TUESDAYSubmarine is Live!

“With the progression of digital transformation and a changing marketing world, questions pile up on the desks of decision makers every day. TUESDAYSubmarine helps as a digital tool to answer those questions.” Julius Geis, Founder

We left the shore - TUESDAYSubmarine is live! 

Our motto: Your direct line to experienced professionals. You ask, we answer. 

Our services center around all things: 

  • brand strategy & positioning

  • strategic & operative marketing

  • business strategy, consultation & e-commerce

  • market research 

We believe that life-long learning isn't an option – it's a given if we want to succeed personally and professionally. 
But it's easy to go down the rabbit hole when you search for information online. And how do you know there's valid experience and knowledge behind the article you just read? Is it backed up scientifically? How does the advice measure up against real-life business challenges? 

TUESDAYSubmarine stands for shared knowledge and collective learning 

At a fixed rate, you get access to our TUESDAYSubmarine team of experts. They’ve established themselves in their respective areas with more than ten years of experience in both the strategic consulting realm and the all-hands-on-deck execution of those strategies and visions. 

But expertise without personal commitment only ever looks good on paper - it doesn’t build trust and robust collaborations. 
We answer every question individually and offer specific recommendations. And we don’t rush to the answer or disappear halfway through the process either – we’re here to help until you can say with confidence that you have gained new knowledge, insights and clarity.
If you’re looking for a transparent exchange that simplifies and expedites your decision-making process, get in touch with us today.