OAGM Develops the First Benchmark for Loyalty Programs in the European Outdoor and Sports Industry


Customers face an overwhelming variety of choices in the current brands, products and services jungle. And brands that aren't standing out positively from this potpourri rarely survive long-term.  

So, in light of overcrowded marketplaces, how do companies differentiate and create lasting brand experiences for customers at all touch points? The keyword is emotions. Without emotions, it is nearly impossible to build mutually beneficial customer-brand loyalty relations. So, companies should not only look at customer loyalty programs holistically (i.e., in the context of their brand and niche). First and foremost, they should implement such programs strategically.  

As a remote strategic brand and marketing agency, we've looked closely at customer loyalty and retention programs. Our most important finding: There's no benchmark in the sports and outdoors industry that allows companies to compare objectively existing loyalty programs. Consequently, there's no industry-wide guide that walks companies through the steps of developing successful loyalty programs for their brands. 

That’s why we decided to close this gap. With the opening of Munich's international sports trade fair ISPO on February 3, 2019, we will publish our White Paper "How Customer Loyalty Worksand benchmark. 

The White Paper is designed primarily to help marketing and strategy experts who make regular decisions around customer relationship management and are looking for both detailed theoretical background information and practical guidelines and tips. 

In our White Paper, we answer questions such as: 

  • Terminology: What is the difference between customer satisfaction and loyalty?

  • Basics: Which core functions does a customer retention program have?

  • Success factors: Which criteria make a successful loyalty program?

  • Loyalty through emotions, not price: How can companies shift successfully from price-driven retention programs to emotions-driven loyalty programs?  

  • Practical guidelines: How do companies build a successful loyalty program, step by step?

  • Benchmark Outdoor- Sport: comparison of loyalty programs of leading brands within the industry

Our White Paper is available for purchase and download (eBook) from our website www.onanygivenmonday.com at a price of $ 145.00. Alternatively, you can get your printed version for $ 165.00.

A free extract of our White Paper is available on request.

NOTE: This version of the white paper is currently only available in German. An English version covering US companies in the sports and outdoor industry is coming soon.