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Do You Speak Sneakers?

Sports and technology have long fused and become one. Just remember the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000: The introduction of high-tech swimsuits caused much uproar because they enhanced the athletes’’ performance disproportionately. Until 2009, 43 new world records were set which, in all probability, wouldn’t have been possible without the high-tech gear – which eventually resulted in the ban of those full-body swimsuits. The tragedy for all following athletes: Despite the ban, the new world records remained in place.  

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It's a Numbers Game

It is no longer a secret that the demographic change is in full swing. In western countries, today’s women and men get to live, on average, 86 and 81 years. The economy already feels the impacts of this increase in life expectancy which has prompted the European Union to start a project called “Best Agers” – an initiative that aims to leverage the experiences and expertise of the 55-year-olds and over for the economic and social benefit of us all.   

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Are You Online?

Gone are the days when it sufficed to offer customers the corresponding care product when they bought a new pair of runners. If retailers today want to provide additional value to their customers at the point of sale in the form of add-ons, they need to come up with new strategies – because buyer behavior has drastically changed since the advance of digitization.

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