Office manager/ part time


For the past nine years, we're serving clients with outstanding strategic thinking and design.

We've worked with international clients such as Microsoft and Gore-Tex and family-owned brands such as Elkline, Globetrotter, and Bogner. We share our point of view as column writers, contributors to magazines, and on international stages such as the ISPO Retail Show in China. Something we're proud of too is our own "Monday" magazine. With each article we're changing the status quo, little by little, and every time we think we've figured it out another lesson shows up on our doorsteps inviting us to grow.

We make change attractive! Seriously.

Years ago, we were tired to follow the crowd but instead invented our branding methodology, "identity-based brand positioning." You can read all about identity based brand positioning on our website.

As and result, we are an agile, innovative, future-driven agency-studio with one goal: to design sustainable identities that impact people, all life and humanity.

Moving forward, we want to be focusing more on thinking, creating, and to serve our clients with services that help them thrive into a bright future.

OAGM is looking for an "Office-Manager-Organizer-Supervisor-Controller-Processes-Optimizer" (yes seriously), whose passion is, to serve and help other teammates and clients, to become their best, professional and personal self.

How is that challenge sound to you?


Did you ever watch "Suits" on TV or Netflix? Think about your new position as Donna. Harvey's assistant that is so much more than that. In the show, she is the girl who's got your back at any given moment. That thinks two or three steps ahead to prevent crises before they appear. Donna always has the company's best interest in mind. No matter what. Fundamentally, this job is nothing less than the backbone of "us". You're all for the team... oh, and yes, the founder as well!

Here is a little something about him. He was born and raised in Germany, he founded the company in 2010 and consulted numerous well-known companies around the globe and he now lives on Maui. Okay, that's the easy stuff. Let's talk about his personality. I would call the guy a creative innovator and passionate consultant; nothing more. He is all about future thinking and creating new ideas constantly. One of his most significant talents is his capacity to process situations in seconds and to provide help instantly. People are listening when he talks, but here is the thing: he's not good with the last 30 percent of a project. He needs someone to help him, and that someone is you. You will learn to read his mind, decode his language and thoughts, formulate road-maps to make his ideas happen, get the right people on board and make sure to follow through until the end!

Work in bullet points:

  • Day to day office management.

  • Optimize our office administration such as approval process, internal team meetings, client meetings, client documentation, on-boarding of new teammates, workflow.

  • Prepare and host client meetings.

  • Assist our founder with email and calendar management.

  • Weekly one on one meetings with our founder.

  • Managing projects, budgets, and teams.

  • Create conceptional drafts of ideas and potential projects for the company.

  • Help the new business team to win new clients. Yeah!

  • File physical receipts behind statements monthly.

  • Write emails and letters for the founder.

  • Open mail inbox, respond and file.

  • Keep office and books in order.

  • Attend bi-weekly team meeting (virtual).


You're organized. You're a doer. You're digital-savvy. You're curious to work for a remote company. You're experienced. You've done this before. You want to do it again. You want to do it for us.

We value people who are committed to learning. Who feel joy by looking for the answer instead of giving up.

In bullet points:

  • Agency experience is a big plus.

  • To be fluent in English and German is a plus plus.

  • The high expectation in the quality of own work results.

  • Flexible in personal time management, also outside of "regular" business hours.

  • Mac and PC skills.

  • Cloud, Office, and Zoom doesn't scare you.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • High passion for customer service, service and branding, and design.


We're accepting independent contractors or applicants who are looking for a part-time position as candidates. Independent contractors in Hawaii have to prove their independence with a website, business cards and list of other clients. Twenty hours a week, 30 USD per hour. Ten days paid holiday leave per year, for employees. We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. Each new hire is an opportunity for us to bring in a different perspective, and we are always eager to diversify our company further.


OAGM is a remote company. We're looking for candidates from the island of Maui or for candidates from the region of Milwaukee for our new studio location.




Only applicants using the form below will be considered.