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OAGM is one of the first remote strategic consulting firms and we are located around the globe: Hawai’i, Germany, the United States, Portugal, and Australia. If you picture us surfing before breakfast and meditating our way through a hot afternoon with bouts of productivity in between – you are pretty spot on! 

We are specialized in premium brands. Local or global. Retailers or manufacturers. Sports, lifestyle, outdoor, fashion or hospitality market – we create accessible brand strategies, design cohesive visual identities and guide and walk with clients through all stages of change. 

remote with drive & heart

Let’s be honest – remote work has its challenges: Many lonely cups of coffee and the constant chase of new projects. And when push comes to shove, it’s not the surfboard under our arm that sets us apart, but our focus, drive, and commitment. 

At OAGM, our decision against the comfort of the 9 to 5 box is deliberate – we use the creative potential of remote work to build our lives and careers on purpose and passion, and not a soul-crushing paycheck. 

our values

We believe that our digital time requires a constant transformation of how we work and who we work with. So for us, diversity, equality, and respect aren’t worn-out buzzwords – they are the reason why we pop virtual champagne bottles when we successfully deliver unique strategies for our clients. 

And on top of claps and kudos, we honor and reward everyone’s work fairly with an hourly rate above international standard. 


At OAGM, your genius ideas won’t be muffled under layers of management – the floor is yours to participate and inspire. 

If you want to expand the box you live in, and you see the creative potential that’s innate to change, then we would love to hear from you.


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