How we fix your Problem!

Usually it takes us three phases to fix a problem. The fact that you just clicked the previous button leads us to believe that you are ahead of the game! You've ran a business diagnostic and is aware that something is not working properly and is in need of an adjustment or repair. This is why we believe in our credo WE MAKE CHANGE ATTRACTIVE, as we are encouraged to acknowledge what is really there, and are driven to make the changes from our walls, borders and blockages.


We are great consultants

An outsider’s impartial eye can recognize internal problem areas more easily and a fresh perspective helps identify new opportunities and solutions when people least expect it.

That is the true gift working with consultants. You'll get an other opinion. The reason why we are great consultants is because we hate to stop there. Just sharing an opinion to us is like flying all the way to Munich and not order one Mass of beer at least once in your life. That's only half way. Our consultation instead is delivering creative tactics of instant success - or quick wins - and a road map that everyone can read and follow. Why, because everything we do reflects internal self.  


Let ME SHOW YOU OUR tool belt, Can I?


External audits are a preferred tool if you want to avoid internal competition, such as between competing agencies, or hierarchical conflicts. Or if you need to challenge your status quo, such as sorting out your e-commerce business model, or brand reputation in social media. In situations when decisions by management need to be revised, our audit is a great tool to choose. By the way, external audits don’t provoke related conflicts, nor are they influenced by them. For OAGM an audit is always collaborative and never competitive.



By temporarily outsourcing those management tasks that require not just the adoption of current marketing standards, but true innovation skills, your company stands to profit significantly. Smaller companies in particular can transform their brands into multi- or omni-channel enterprises and explore new terrain without taking on high staffing costs on a permanent basis. 

We share our expertise with our clients by actively supporting existing teams, from marketing departments, to e-commerce and brand management. Our change force is always with you.

By providing targeted stimulus from the outside, we transfer our know-how to the inside of your company – where it stays. And by tapping into your company’s existing human resources in the medium term (interim management), we can multiply your learning potential. Interim management has a limited availability and is in favor to our clients.




Freedom of choice = Your EXTRAORDINARY

We have two primary locations our team is working from. CET (Central European Time) and HST (Hawaiian Standard Time). A Dedicated Service Client Director is available in each time zone via phone and email to answer all questions and to manage our client's projects. 


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