Guided from within – instead of controlled from the outside. Over the years, we made investigations and got some pretty deep insights. Even though our clients were happy with the work we did for them, it felt like we failed. Every time we recap our work after a while, we figured we're missing one important indicator of success: the people and our client's culture.

Our founder, Julius Geis, locked himself in a room – with a view – to meditate on it. After he came out, he proposed a unique philosophy we're calling today:



Contrary to the mainstream, we don’t start building a strategy – such as a brand positioning – by leaning on external factors. Don’t let the competition dictate what you need to do, neither the market place nor growth figures. Actually, let's forget those factors entirely for now. Sustainable strategic thinking starts at the core of a company – it's identity – not on the outside world.

Instead of letting the market place define you, we focus on who you want to be. What makes your company unique? What drives you as a leader? What lights your fire? What are your biggest goals? And last, but not least, how do you plan to live your life, day-by-day?

We'll guide you through that process, that's what we love to do. As soon as you have answered questions for yourself and you feel connected to your answers, things get effortless. Because now,  you command a strong, authentic, and autonomous identity, every action you're taking will be more independent, sustainable, and attractive than any standard model made-to-fit for you by an outsider. You will love it!