Our MissiON.

ON ANY GIVEN MONDAY is a multifaceted brand that navigates business needs into transformative growth over all industries. We identify, simplify and guide – to unique identities in their most powerful ways. Our passion is to inspire, change cultural habits and expand the boxes we live in. 

We make change attractive.


experts in the outdoor, sports and fashion sectors

Julius Geis – Brand Aesthete®, acknowledged experts in the outdoor, sports and fashion sectors, are now ON ANY GIVEN MONDAY (OAGM). We are one of the first remote strategic consulting firms and focus on the US market as well as the markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Asia. Our core competency: identity-based brand positioning, rooted in creative concepts of change.



Our digital times are dominated by constant transformations. This impacts our daily lives significantly. Everyone experiences change differently, yet it is safe to say that it poses a challenge to our routines, practices and cultures of knowledge. 
Lessons learned today might be outdated tomorrow – how to keep track with a fast-paced, overwhelming information culture? Uncertainty and frustration are common results, causing internal processes to grind to a halt. 

This is where OAGM starts from.

According to our mission WE MAKE CHANGE ATTRACTIVE, we go beyond the notion that change is an obstacle that needs to be managed.


we promote concepts that emphasize the creative potential of change and offer strategies to utilize this potential. 


OAGM is one of the first remote strategic consulting firms and we are located around the globe: Hawai’i, Belize, the United States, Portugal, and Australia. If you picture us surfing before breakfast and meditating our way through a hot afternoon with bouts of productivity in between – you are pretty spot on!