On Any Given Monday Established Remote Headquarters In US

The remote strategic consulting and branding agency founded in Europe offers its unique methodology and execution to U.S. companies who have a deep compassion for what they do.


MAKAWAO, Hawaii, August 6, 2018 – One of the first remote strategic consulting and branding agencies, On Any Given Monday (OAGM), expands into the U.S. and established their remote headquarters on Maui, Hawai’i. OAGM Founder and CEO Julius Geis and his global team of consultants, designers and doers serve clients in all industries and locations. As OAGM expands and businesses are continuing to open up to the idea of working with remote teams, Geis decided to establish a remote headquarters for OAGM to give clients a sense of security. Even though Geis travels frequently and majority of his team is spread around the globe, there is still a basecamp on Maui, Hawaii to come back to. Maui is where his wife grew up, and a place he now calls home. 

Since the expansion, OAGM has offered speciality branding workshops through Maui County Business Resource Center and opened a member focused holistic coworking space to support community collaboration and entrepreneurship. 

“We want to work with businesses who have a deep compassion for what they are doing,” said Geis. “If you are purely investment driven, then everything we say is not valuable to you because it’s about a short term fix. That doesn’t mean we can’t do that, but we would rather work together in a complete and holistic sense.” 

For the last 10 years, Geis and his team has successfully nurtured a variety of clients such as Elkline, Globetrotter, Frilufts, Finkid, Terra Canis, Bogner, Sony Music, and Nitro Snowboards. Each client relationship began with OAGM answering a question. 

“Clients get a multi-faceted approach on their question,” said Geis. “Everything we do, goes through a variety of different eyes, perspectives, cultures, and gets merged into the result we present to the client. That is the beauty of working with a remote team.”

Once different strategies are created to reduce the pain point, and answer the question, implementation is key. OAGM believes in their ideas that they go beyond a typical agency who offers consulting, branding and marketing services and take over positions as interim managers to ensure that the strategies are guaranteed to be implemented in the company, culture and market. It is the totality of services that sets OAGM apart. 

“What we can also offer is a European experience. The European Union is not a one-stop shop because of the diverse cultures and languages. You must adapt to each culture, each country and you have to have knowledge of all those factors. For those U.S. businesses who are interested in expanding into the European market, we can be that bridge.”


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About On Any Given Monday


Founded in 2010 by Julius Geis, On Any Given Monday (OAGM) is one of the first remote strategic consulting and branding agencies with a team of consultants, designers and doers located around the globe: Hawai’i, mainland U.S., Belize, Portugal, and Australia. Guided from within – instead of controlled from the outside OAGM uses a unique methodology called identity-based thinking to simplify today's challenges and navigate business needs towards transformative growth over all industries. We Make Change Attractive. Explore: https://www.onanygivenmonday.com