OAGM's CoWorking Space on Maui Brings a Holistic Workstyle to the Forefront


CEO of remote strategic consulting agency On Any Given Monday opens SPACESMaui a historical plantation house turned holistic coworking space located on Makawao Avenue in Pukalani, Maui.


PUKALANI, Hawaii, June 20, 2018 – Julius Geis, CEO of On Any Given Monday (OAGM), one of the first remote strategic consulting and branding agencies, is sharing his holistic, remote workstyle and values of entrepreneurship with the Maui community by opening SPACESMaui, the only coworking space in Pukalani, Maui.


Julius along with his wife Jazmyne Geis, a sustainable design consultant at OAGM, are the co-founders and visionaries behind Maui's newest coworking office space. Still honoring the 600-square-foot historical plantation house built in the late 1900’s, SPACESMaui represents a cozy yet modern day holistic approach to coworking for remote entrepreneurs and business professionals.


“Today’s digital time requires a constant transformation of how we work and who we work with. Freedom is a tricky thing,” said Julius Geis. “You just can’t offer people freedom if they don’t know who they are, what they want and what their passion is. For OAGM, remote is about personal self-determination. The freedom to make your own choices is the key to extraordinary work and life results.”


Julius Geis and his team use the creative potential of remote work to build their lives and careers on purpose and passion. The decision against the comfort of the 9 to 5 box is deliberate, and a coworking space is a perfect place to exercise that freedom.


Jazmyne and Julius have woven their two unique Hawaiian and European backgrounds and perspectives into the blueprint of SPACESMaui. From the scents in the essential oil diffusers, the lighting, furniture and design, down to the coffee beans, everything within the office space was chosen intentionally to enhance one’s work environment and well-being for maximum impact toward success.


“SPACESMaui is about feeling comfortable, being in touch with the community, networking, and collaborating with others,” said Jazmyne Geis. “We cater to everyone's' needs and treat them as individual people that have their own skills and talents. We have spaces for them that are conducive for working, relaxing, and nurturing all aspects of themselves. Our attention to detail and interest in getting to know everyone that comes through our space is really what sets SPACESMaui apart.”


SPACESMaui meets all office needs without the overhead of buying or leasing an individual office or the hassle of working remotely from a coffee shop or cafe. With the click of a button, members can reserve their personal desk called a jump seat or meeting space online. Beyond their jump seat, members can enjoy the relaxation lounge, kitchen, library, outdoor porch and swing chair. Meeting rooms are available to rent by the hour for private or collaborative conferences.


After 14 years of working and experiencing other coworking spaces around the world, Julius combined the best into SPACESMaui. To date, SPACESMaui has over 40 members and their team continues to bring a level of hospitality and attention to detail to their member’s needs. Within less than six months of opening, SPACESMaui has been recognized as winner of the 2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award for Maui, Hawaii.


“There are a lot of young people that are making choices to be able to work and live wherever they want to,” said Jazmyne Geis. “Many are coming home or are brand new to the island. These folks have talent and skills but maybe don't have space quite yet to start their work, so we wanted to be that space for them where they could share their talents and start to integrate with the community here.”


About On Any Given Monday

On Any Given Monday (OAGM) is one of the first remote strategic branding agencies with a team of consultants, designers and doers located around the globe: Hawai’i, mainland U.S., Belize, Portugal, and Australia. Guided from within – instead of controlled from the outside OAGM uses a unique methodology called identity-based thinking to simplify today's challenges and navigate business needs towards transformative growth over all industries. We Make Change Attractive. Explore: https://www.onanygivenmonday.com


About SPACESMaui

SPACESMaui, a coworking space in upcountry Maui, blends the aesthetics, atmosphere, and hospitality of a boutique hotel with the high-end utilities and benefits of an established office. Rocket scientists and entrepreneurs may reserve a jump seat, private office, or conference room online, either by the day, week or month. Visit https://www.spacesmaui.com to reserve your workspace today for an inspired tomorrow.

Ethan Caliva