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OAGM created a holistic brand identity for PueoKea Farms, a family-run farm on Maui. The purpose was to visually communicate what the owner cares deeply about: people, produce and the place.
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starting position

PUEOKEA FARMS is rooted in Kula, Maui and named after the shimmering, silvery-white olive leaves that cloak the property and mimic the outstretched feathers of visiting owls that dance in the sunlight as they glide across the slopes. A local family has run the farm for the past 7 years and has brought its first bottles of artisan olive oil to the market in 2017. Their vision for PueoKea Farms is to share the fruits of their craftsmanship with local people & restaurants and visiting guests from around the world. The goal was, therefore, to create a brand identity that communicates the family’s dedication to the land, the local people on Maui and their artisan produce.

strategy and implementation

OAGM was instructed with the development and implementation of a brand identity, logo, website and bottle labeling system for PueoKea Farms. We designed a holistic brand concept that reflected the natural heritage of the farm and the dedication of its people to high-quality, local produce. The visual concept focused on the representation of the farm’s centerpieces: the olives and the visiting owls. The designs of the logo, website and bottle labels were kept simple to express the owner’s conviction that fuss and fanfare aren’t needed for marketing high-quality produce that people love. Following the concept creation, OAGM implemented the farm’s brand identity and collaborated closely with the family to ensure that their commitment to their produce and Maui’s people is reflected in every aspect of their brand.

the result

OAGM created a visual brand identity that expresses the core of the PueoKea family business: craftsmanship and a genuine love for Maui's nature and people. No add-ons, no grand sales slogans - the brand speaks to those who appreciate the quality of authentic, artisan produce that's been crafted with much conviction and care.
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