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OAGM set out to create a CoWorking and collaboration space for RUA 37 that blends the aesthetics, atmosphere, and hospitality of a boutique hotel with the high-end utilities and benefits of an established office in beautiful upcountry Maui.
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starting position

The Hawaiian island of Maui is mainly thriving off tourism and agriculture but lacks a professional space where local and visiting business people can work and connect. The co-founders and visionaries of RUA 37, therefore, chose a once quaint plantation house in upcountry Maui to create a CoWorking and collaboration space that represents the diversity of Maui and brings together local, emerging creatives and community-minded entrepreneurs. The goal was to create a space that enables a holistic CoWorking experience and allows the whole being to thrive at the same time.

strategy and implementation

Instructed with the planning and implementation of the CoWorking space, OAGM was responsible for the store concept, the design, and management. We developed a holistic design concept to reflect the people-centered vision of the co-founders. Every design decision was made intentionally: from essential oil diffusers, lighting, and furniture to the decoration and wall colors. The service concept focussed on details such as personalized welcome cards and a RUA 37-specific tone and voice for all client engagements. Combined, the design and service strategies blended well with the hospitality and community spirit that’s unique to Maui and the founders’ vision. To honor the space’s rich historical past, OAGM rebranded the building to RUA 37, inspired by the Portuguese influences and stories that were always present on Maui. OAGM supported the implementation process as a project manager and expert in branding and marketing operations.

the result

Today, RUA 37 provides talented local and international people with a space to share their talents and skills and connects them with the local community. It has established itself as Maui’s CoWorking space of choice and has won the Coworker Members’ Choice Award 2018 in the category “North America” for Maui.