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An independent analysis not only helps companies that run their own e-commerce realize higher market potential, but also paves the way for sustainable success. Munich-based premium dog-food producer Terra Canis hired OAGM as strategic consultants for e-commerce and online marketing – a process we named “Orchestrated Growth.”

the first pet food in verifiable, 100% human grade quality


starting position

There’s a unique story behind Terra Canis, the producer of high quality dog food and its founders. Fed up with the poor quality of available dog food on the market, one of the founders, Birgitta Ornau transformed her own kitchen into the original site for the new company. Today, Terra Canis is one of Germany’s successful medium-size businesses with ambitious growth targets. Its founders vowed to keep making healthy dog food affordable for dogs and their owners. They tasked OAGM with setting up a sustainable e-commerce model as a vital distribution system for the brand.



Fulfilling the motto Orchestrate Growth, the brand consultants at OAGM delved into the inner workings of the company. We started out by reviewing Terra Canis’ partner network and infrastructure, as well as marketing and e-commerce processes, followed by its internal resources. We then summed up our findings in a strategy document- a roadmap for Terra Canis to realize its vision for the future. We shook up the status quo and developed a strategic process, which was implemented with the help of interim management services provided by OAGM.



While our strategy- and consulting work was rewarded with rich and fresh insights and inspiration, it also provided the basis for the implementation phase to follow. The consultancy phase realized by OAGM set the course for Terra Canis’ highly successful e-commerce presence and enabled its global expansion.