stephen knueppel, ceo, elkline

“Julius Geis joined elkline at a crucial juncture for the company. He set in motion a process of profound change, which gave both the company and the brand a new focus and direction. Julius Geis empowered elkline’s brand in the highly competitive outdoor/urban/lifestyle market and supplied the company with the needed strength and resources to expand its position. Julius Geis also implemented processes in elkline’s daily workflow to significantly optimize business operations. I am very grateful for his guidance."

paul märz, exhibition director, ispo beijing + ispo shanghai

“Julius was our headline speaker on our ISPO ACADEMY RETAIL CAMP 2015 through China with stops in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’An, and Shenyang. He was presenting his concept of the importance of retail branding and related brand positioning to an audience of Chinese sports retailers with participants from pure online, pure offline as well as multi- and omni-channel retail. Each of the four stops was incredibly successful with participants eager to get behind Julius ideas since there were many direct take-aways for the audience. Julius understands very well to present his ideas in a way his concept is understood by using first-hand experience examples from projects Julius was involved in. He translates his ideas for both small as well as mid-size retailers’ interests. We very much enjoyed working with Julius due to his high professionalism both in terms of perfect preparation as well as exciting way of presentation. Julius was the highlight speaker of our ISPO ACADEMY RETAIL CAMP 2015!”

regine bürner, windows product lead, consumer market 

“Working with Julius has been a pleasure. He is quick in understanding the nature of the task at hand and is creative in formulating a strategy that is in sync with the work flow of our brand. He is exceptionally good at providing advice throughout the entire process, continuing to provide guidance for our team and following through with his commitment to the project until the end to ensure that the task is completed successfully. I would recommend Julius without hesitation – collaborating with him has been valuable and inspiring for the entire team.”


finn bohn, brand manager, frilufts retail europe ab

“Julius' creative thinking, expertise and drive as a brand consultant make him a pleasure to work with. He is a visionary in his field, and a pioneer in the area of "brand aesthetics." While working with him on the strategy for the relaunch of the brand Globetrotter, we’ve had many discussions, and they’ve always enlightened me and helped me on both strategic and tactical levels in my work at Globetrotter."

cornelia eyssen, head of corporate communication, willy bogner

“What I find unique about working with Julius that differs from other consultants is his goal-oriented thought process and action, his expertise and creativity, as well as his work accountability. Who wouldn't want to have a business partner like Julius – someone who can quickly grasp the complexities within a task and reveal the weaknesses and strengths in order to provide thoughtful advice to find the best solutions. My best advice would be to use Julius Geis.”

andreas aurhammer, international marketing director, nitro snowboards

"It was a pleasure working with Julius! We worked successfully together on several Marketing projects, from conception to realization. He is very well connected in the sports industry and worked on several successful campaigns for Nitro. Besides his Marketing expertise he an extensive knowledge of the social media world. He was a great asset for Nitro."