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OAGM founded TUESDAYSubmarine as part of a strategy to help clients meet the challenges of the rapidly changing business world with confidence. To minimize overwhelm and frustration for clients, TUESDAYSubmarine experts answer client questions directly in the following areas: strategic marketing, digital and non-digital marketing, e-business, and business and management consulting.


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Digital Transformation (DT) isn’t a buzzword; it’s reality. And even though there is much talk about it, only few companies realize that DT isn’t about getting the hang of the latest technology. That’s part of it, sure. But more importantly, DT is about companies and individuals: how they deal with change and the challenges that come with it. Through years of strategic branding and design work for clients in diverse industries, the OAGM team believes that access to knowledge and continuous learning are determining a company’s success today. So, TUESDAYSubmarine was born – a collective learning platform with access to expert knowledge.

strategy and implementation

OAGM was appointed with the brand identity, brand design, tone and voice strategy and the development of different consultancy packages for TUESDAYSubmarine. As part of its brand identity, we created unique visual and tone and voice strategies which are based on the four core values: clarity, brevity, honesty, and learning. TUESDAYSubmarine speaks and writes “human” and all experts support clients until they can confidently say that they “get it.” To cater to the fast-moving business world, OAGM implemented Basecamp, a web-based application, as the communication tool and knowledge-sharing platform between TUESDAYSubmarine experts and clients. TUESDAYSubmarine’s claim “Your Expert Consultant” reinforces its belief that a culture of shared knowledge and collective learning move the needle for companies in times of digital transformation and constant change. OAGM supported the implementation process as management consultant and expert in branding, marketing, and e-commerce operations.

the result

OAGM lay the foundation for a consistent brand identity in three phases: the development of a value-specific tone and voice strategy, the outline of client interaction guidelines and the operational implementation of web-based tools. We focussed on establishing timely, reliable day-to-day communication tools and content that reflect TUESDAYSubmarine’s core values and demonstrate the team’s expert knowledge. The goal: strengthen the brand and increase clients’ confidence.
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